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Drywall Services



Integrity, knowledge, and excellent service – these aren’t just words—they represent how Deemter Drywall does business. For every homeowner and business owner, you can trust us to provide high-quality products and services.


Deemter Drywall offers full drywall services to both residential and commercial customers. We work on new and remodel projects and repairs - our team can handle any size project - we specialize in custom homes and, custom finishes, commercial projects - big and small. Our pricing is competitive and compliments our top-notch workmanship, making Deemter an excellent choice.

Why Use Deemter Drywall?

  • We have 35 years of experience as a professional drywall service provider.

  • We look at your needs and requirements and guide you through the process. 

  • We make sure all drywall projects we undertake are completed quickly,  dependably, and are done right the first time. 

Thank you for considering Deemter Drywall. 

Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

At Deemter, our area of expertise is drywall installation. With 35 years of experience in drywall installation and repair, we are known for our integrity in the industry. With all of our drywall projects - both residential and commercial, Deemter Drywall uses only premium materials. We always guarantee the highest quality finish, and our technicians are highly trained in modern drywall installation techniques. 

We know and meet the building codes for each installation and adhere to the highest industry standards. We work with your schedule and deadlines - our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. After completing all of our work, we thoroughly clean the job site.  

Upon completion of drywall installation and code inspections, all job sites are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next stage by our technicians.

At Deemter Drywall, we have perfected the tape and float finishing process, resulting in a quality drywall installation for every job. Taping and floating or “mudding” drywall is one of the most important elements of a successful drywall installation.

We give special attention to electrical boxes and any penetrations for a tight fit around the openings. With Deemter Drywall, you can be assured that the finishing process will be performed with care and accuracy resulting in the highest quality finished product. 

Acoustical Ceilings

Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishng

Acoustical Ceilings are a staple in modern architecture and construction. They are also called ‘drop-down ceilings’, ‘suspended ceilings’ or ‘false ceilings’. Deemter Drywall offers a variety of ceiling tile materials and colors to fit any application. Tile materials used to drop into the metal frame can vary depending on the application and may include everything from plastics to mineral fibers or wood.

Proper installation of an acoustical ceiling system will allow convenient access to sprinkler heads, HVAC ducting, speakers, lighting fixtures, and incandescents that may be located above or in the ceiling tiles. Acoustical ceilings will also improve acoustics while insulating the sounds of adjacent rooms when the right materials and installation techniques are used. 

Custom Finishng

Custom Finishes

At Deemter Drywall, technicians are trained and skilled in providing custom finishes for your home or business. This includes Drywall Texturing, Old World Finishing, and Drywall Art. For more details, contact us today at 616.669.3200

Drywall Repair

When Deemter Dry Wall sends a technician or a team of technicians to your home or business to work on drywall repairs, they are ready to get on task. They work quickly and efficiently to assess the damage, remove and replace the ruined section. They check for pipes, wires, and any other obstacles to be aware of during the repair process. 


We apply the same effort and expertise to ensure that your completed drywall repair looks as good as new and that the area is cleaned up before they walk out the door. Give us a call today for a free estimate.  

Drywall Repair
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